Person to person


What if we lived in a world that revolved around the quality of life, rather than economic winners and losers? What if there was a way out of the isolation and polarisation that so many of us find ourselves in, toward authentic connections with others, across all divisions and borders? What if we could step out of the culture of blame and victimhood, into a reality that gave us freedom and agency to pursue our dreams?

In Person to Person, Joeri Torfs and Pim Ampe describe this world and chart a clear path toward it. Grounded in research and rooted in reality, the world they describe is neither a utopia nor a fantasy. Person to Person presents an environment that incentivises goodness, fairness, sustainability, and freedom. It begins with the individual and moves toward our collaborative relationships. Finally, Person to Person proposes a financial environment that would enable this Quality of Life world to flourish—one that is already underway.

Alongside the book’s theory, we meet Jake, Leon, Lana, and Alex: four fictional college students who illustrate the Person to Person concepts as they interact in their dorm rooms and on campus. Their narratives remind readers that all of us—in spite of our pitfalls, in view of our potential—have the power to make a better world that is richly satisfying, deeply connected, and truly free.

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