15-16-17 August 2019

See you all next year

A wonderful event took place, we would like to thank all participants for their inspiring contributions!

The ambition
When confronted with worrisome developments tensions rise, frustration grows and the road forward appears full of obstacles.
Be aware of your experiences, connect with the underlying needs, participate and actively work with this information, towards your purpose.

Ask yourself these following questions and reflect on how you can contribute to increasing quality of life:
Is everyone still able to cope with this rapidly changing world?

  • How can inclusion be assured rather than exclusion be prevented
  • How can we organize a live and work based on our talents and strengths?
  • How do we stay sufficiently connected to nature?
  • How do we offer a constructive response to today’s political polarization?
  • How can we develop a sustainable economy in which everyone can experience prosperity?
  • How can you contribute to this?

How do you work on your Quality of Life daily? What do you have to share, how can others learn from you, how can you contribute?

Time for action
The time to sit back relax and enjoy the ride is over, it’s time for Action! Bring your views and ideas to the table, start a discussion and devise a plan.
This Quality of life world event has an informal structure. We believe that everyone who attends has something to share that others can learn from. This means that the workshops are provided by participants. There are no paid speakers. Everything is voluntary and organized by the group, in the spirit of sharing.

Get involved by registering and letting us know in the comment section how you want to contribute to the event.

You’re invited in the South of France for a gathering of like-minded souls who want to contribute in a creative and authentic way to increasing quality of life, on a mental, physical, cultural, intellectual, spiritual and social level.

Accommodation is back to basics in an inspiring environment. Bring your tent or let us know if you want us to provide you a bed.

The program evolves with the contributions from participants. More topics to be announced soon.

  • Self-organizing Quality of Life: SOQOL method
    Quality of life includes some essential ingredients. They are strongly linked to people’s basic needs.
    In this workshop you will learn which different elements influence your quality of life. Through acquisition of insights and exercises you will learn how you can influence your own quality of life.
  • The Experience Centers and why the world needs them
    The Experience center is a frictionless person to person collaboration environment. Based on awareness and a strong ethical compass it strives to increase the Quality of life (QOL) of its participants by expanding their ability to adapt and self-manage in the face of social, physical, intellectual, economic and emotional challenges.
    The ecosystem is built from the ground up on nature’s evolutionary principles and creates an economic environment facilitating collaboration and responsible, autonomous participation.
    The Experience Center creates a favorable environment stimulating the growth of people and promoting quality of life throughout all eight life domains.
    In this presentation you will get more insights on what the Experience center is, how it works and how you can participate.
  • The Experience Center network as the first P2P organisation
    Working on quality of life is easier in an ecosystem build from the ground up to nurture it. It requires a new kind of economic model to facilitate frictionless collaboration. A model in which no individual acquires ultimate power or wealth, a model in which all forms of participation are rewarded, a model based on equity.
    In this presentation you will learn how the Quality of life economic model is applied to the Experience centre tuning it into the very first person to person organisation.
  • Developing a Purposeful work spirit & self-management through Team Supervision
    Knowing what your core purpose is in life and in your work helps you to determine how you want to live. Your “Purpose” is a meaningful goal that you set for yourself and that gives you direction in your life and work. It is strongly connected to your values. Pursuing this goal gives you meaning and satisfaction in life. Knowing your own purpose and objectives also helps you to act on them in an authentic way. It increases the chance of experiencing satisfaction within your work/life.
    In this workshop and through this team-supervision-method you’ll get the chance to explore your own purpose and you will learn how to stay connected with it in life and work.
  • Enjoying quality of life
    Learn to know each other on a deeper level in playful ways. There will be room for nature walks, outdoor games and informal discussions at the pool. Quality of life starts with awareness and connection, let yourself get inspired by the magical surroundings and beautiful people.

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